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An authentic California experience for those looking to stay a little longer

Why Burton House?

Burton House Beverly Hills is a luxury, all-suite hotel named for the Father of Beverly Hills, Burton Edmond Green, and is located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. Green was a real estate developer, president of the Rodeo Land & Water Company, and one of the earliest residents of our famous zip code. Guests at Burton House are immersed in modern 1930s casual glamour, just steps away from all the excitement and allure of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Culver City.

Originally known as “The Gathering of the Waters,” Beverly Hills has long been recognized as a place imbued with special qualities – a literal wellspring for life and creativity. Throughout its many early incarnations, as a lima bean and cattle ranch, site for oil exploration and affordable suburban community, people flocked here seeking opportunity and reinvention. Today, Beverly Hills is best known for its high-end retail, modern medical practices, and as the epicenter for film and celebrity culture. Driven by an incredible combination of historic architecture, best-in-class shopping, medical access, Hollywood history and modern day glam, Beverly Hills continues to be one of the most sought after neighborhoods for tourists and locals alike.

Warm tones and natural materials lay a perfect foundation reminiscent of the natural beauty of Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas. In comparison, artsy details and thoughtfully curated moments layer in an eclectic elegance synonymous with Southern California cool.

At Burton House, historic architectural details and comfortable furnishings bring Jazz Age Beverly Hills into the modern era. Visit our hotel to feel like you’re part of Hollywood’s glamour days – upgraded for life in the now. Escape into the true California lifestyle at Burton House Beverly Hills, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel.

“As a living place, Beverly Hills is incomparable – nothing in or near Los Angeles resembles it – here is something in a class alone.
—Burton E. Green”